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Rick Fulton


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DOB 7-28-6?, Leo, Oklahoma City, OK

With enough hair to make Ted Nugent proud, Rick straps on the custom Poly 8, giving him a unique playing style with cool visuals.


 Started piano lessons at age 6 from dad.  Studied keyboards and voice through high-school and college.  Concentrated on Rock keyboards for past 15 years as a performer and song writer.  Former groups include Rocker, Bishop-Stoll, and Fatal Fate.  Wears mostly black on stage. 


Fav color:  Black

Fav things:  Outdoors, horseshoes, volleyball, camping, canoeing, cooking? Huh? And of course, football and drinking beer.


Keys:  Roland XP-10, Korg Poly8 Custom

Effects:  Mini Moog

Amplification:  Peavey KB-300's